The role of stainless steel wire rope net in zoo construction

With the enhancement of people's living environment and ecological awareness, people are more and more aware of the importance of maintaining the living environment of humans and animals. The application of stainless steel rope nets in the construction of zoos is suitable for the new construction of indoor and outdoor exhibitions in zoos. It has got rid of the cage method and is designed according to the current model of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.
The stainless steel wire rope net series products are made of stainless steel materials, which have good perspective and eliminate the visual obstruction caused by the fence between humans and animals. According to the living habits of animals and the actual situation of the zoo, the stainless steel mesh is closely integrated with the natural environment, and a natural ecological environment with animal survival as the key is established.
At the same time, visitors have a comprehensive understanding of the connection between animals and the natural environment, and can get closer to animals and nature. It not only improves the effectiveness of viewing animals, but also promotes harmony between humans and animals, and integrates with nature.
Stainless steel wire rope net products have stronger tensile strength and better flexibility, which can protect animal fur from damage. It is non-hazardous, safe and economical, and has been widely used in the construction of zoos and bird houses.
Stainless steel wire rope net-stainless steel woven net products have various specifications and scales, which are suitable for various animal fence nets, such as primate fences, large aviary nets, bird language forest nets and parrot exhibition nets. The application of stainless steel rope nets in the construction of zoos is a great progress.



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