Stainless Steel/Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Grating Plate
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Stainless Steel/Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Grating Plate


The Steel Grating is a orthogonal combination with a flat steel and a crossbar rod according to a certain distance, and a fixed open steel structure is fixed by welding or locking. Or flat steel, the material is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel. Steel grid plates are mainly used to do steel structure platform boards, grooves, steps of steel ladders, building ceilings, etc.

Surface treatment

Hot galvanized, cold galvanized, painted, not processed.


Steel Grating is generally made of carbon steel and has a hot -dip galvanized appearance, which can prevent oxidation. It can also be made with stainless steel. Steel grid plate has ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti -slip, explosion -proof and other properties.


Steel plates are suitable for alloys, building materials, power stations, boilers. shipbuilding. Petrochemical, chemical industry, and general industrial factories, municipal construction and other industries have the advantages of ventilation, light transmission, non -slip, strong carrying capacity, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, simple installation. The steel grid board has been widely used in various industries at home and abroad. It is mainly used as industrial platforms, ladder pedals, slice, channel flooring, railway bridge side channels, high -altitude tower platforms, drainage grooves, manhole covers, road grids, three -dimensional, three -dimensional The parking lot, the fences of institutions, schools, factories, enterprises, and sports fields, and garden villas can also be used as outer windows, balcony fences, highways, railway fences, etc.

Classification of different uses of steel grating

Folding series 1 (spacing 30mm)

Steel grid board is the most commonly used product, which are used in various industrial fields. The center distance of the lotus grid plate of this series of steel grids is 30mm, which meets the US standards. Strong resistance. It is widely used in power plants, refinery, sewage treatment plants, granary, chemical plants, highways, airports and docks such as, walkway and drainage grooves, stairs steps, etc. Among them, tooth steel grids can be used in humid and slippery places, especially for sea oil collection platforms.

Folding series 2 (distance 40mm)

Steel grid is the most economical and lightest. It meets the fixed platform stipulated in the British standards, the specifications of the aisles and stairs. In a small spacing occasion, this is the most ideal product. An exception can also be used to make the shelves of the warehouse, the panel of the pavilion, the trestle, the protective fence, the solar curtain, etc.

Folding series 3 (spacing 60mm)

Steel grid is a variety developed for the application of the mining industry. It solves the problem of mineral splashing on the board. This series of steel grid board has a nominal nominal size of 50*60mm, allowing most splashes to wear, thereby ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the board. This product is often specified in the board surface used in the crushing system. , The aisle and ball mills on the conveyor line, processing plants and operating stations. As a new type of engineering material, steel grid boards are mainly used as platforms, trestle, bridges, bridges, road guardrails, grooves, fences, gates and other facilities in metallurgy, energy, ships, municipalities, petrochemicals, building materials, and national defense.


1. Platform steel grating is a very widely used steel grille board product. This kind of steel grid board has been widely used in various industries and has the strongest resistance to the surface impact. The board has a strong resistance to impact. Platform steel boards are suitable for alloys, building materials, power stations, boilers, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, chemical and general factory buildings, municipal construction and other industries. New type of building products replaced by species. Can add welding kick plates (shields), pattern sheets, and connecting parts on the surrounding areas. You can use flat steel edges with different specifications of flat steel, or use corner steel, slot steel, square tube and other edges; handle and hinge can also be installed on the steel grid plate that needs to be moved or opened frequently.

Features of platform steel grating: can be added to the surrounding welding kick plate (edge plate), pattern sheet sheets, installation of connecting parts, and other attachments; The square pipes are edged; handles and hinges can be installed on the steel grid board that needs to be moved or opened frequently. Platform steel grid board is also a type of steel grid board. It is mainly used as a walkway board on the working platform corridor. Generally, it belongs to high -altitude operations. Or a fixed open -plate steel structure is fixed. Since the platform steel grid board is a high-altitude operation, it only needs to meet the manned requirements. Generally, the span is within 1,000, and its people often use 253/30/100 or 303/30/100; if the span is within 1000-1500 We use 323/30/100.

2. The ditch cover plate is designed and manufactured by steel grid boards, which are widely used in urban roads, squares, gardens, docks, airports, parking lots, roads, railways, industrial engineering and other industrial civil buildings.

3. The steel grid ceiling is a steel grid design and manufacturing indoor ceiling product. It has the characteristics of light, beautiful, high -intensity, and pedestrians in the steel grille plate, and it is easy to install. The surface of the steel grid plate is hot and zinc. The steel grid ceiling has a solid welding joint, uniform pores, flat mesh, beautiful design, and practical. It is both a product and a artwork. Steel grid ceilings are widely suitable for tobacco manufacturing, industrial plants, large stadiums, exhibition centers, large commercial, stations, docks, airports and other industrial and civilian ceiling.


1) Beautiful appearance: simple lines. Silver appearance, modern trend.

2) The best drainage: 83.3%of the leakage area is more than double the cast iron.

3) Hot -soaking galvanized: strong anti -rust, maintenance and replacement.

4) Anti -theft design: Cover and frames are connected with hinges, anti -theft, safety, and convenient opening.

5) Save investment: big span. During heavy loads, the cost of being crushed and replaced by the stolen talked is low than the cast iron price.

6) High -strength: The intensity and toughness are much higher than the cast iron, which can be used for large spans and heavy load environments such as docks, airports.

7) There are many specifications: to meet different environments, loads. Spoof, size and shape required.

Steel grid ceiling product characteristics:

1) The high -strength, light structure, and solid grid pressure welding structure of the steel grid ceiling makes it highly bearer, light structure, easy to unload, installation and other characteristics.

2) The steel grid plate is used as a ceiling. It has a beautiful appearance and durability: The surface treatment of thermal immersion zinc makes it quite good anti -corrosion capacity, and the surface luster is beautiful.

3) Use this product to have good ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion -proof, and anti -slip performance.

4) Use as a ceiling for self -cleaning and easy maintenance. long lasting.

Since 2010, the steel grid plate has been widely used in the field of civil and commercial buildings, theaters, subways, urban railway and other municipal engineering fields. The products have many characteristics such as lightweight, high -strength, anti -corrosion, maintenance, and beauty. Building, theater, subway, urban railway and other municipal engineering fields.

The pressure welded steel grid is arranged by the load flat steel and the crossbar according to a certain distance, and it is welded into the original plate with 200 tons of hydraulic resistance welding equipment.

Poor spacing of lotus flat steel: The center distance of the two adjacent -neighboring steel flat steel is commonly used in two types: 30mm, 40mm, and 20mm '.

The spacing of the horizontal rod: The center spacing of the two adjacent crossbars is usually 50mm, 100mm, and two types, which can be produced according to customer requirements. Generally, the gully canal cover is 76mm.

Compared with pattern steel plates and other grids, the steel grid has the following superiority:

1. Save materials: To withstand the most provided materials under the same load conditions, correspondingly, can reduce the material of the support structure.

2. Reduce investment: provincial materials, provincial labor, provincial construction period, free of cleaning and maintenance.

3. Simple construction: Fix it with a bolt or welding in the pre -installed support, and one person can be completed.

4. Save construction period: The product does not need to be processed on the spot, and the installation is very fast.

5. Top long durability: Before leaving the factory, heat -immersed zinc anti -corrosion treatment, strong resistance and heavy pressure.

6. Modern gas: beautiful appearance, standard design, ventilation and ventilation

7. Light gives people a smooth modern feeling.

8. Light structure: less materials, light structure, and easy to hang.

9. Prevention of dirt: no rainwater, ice and snow and dust.

10. Reduce wind resistance: Due to good ventilation, it encounters large wind resistance and reduce wind damage.

11. Simple design: no small support beams, simple structure, simplified design; no detailed picture of steel grid board, only the model can be indicated.

12. Ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, explosion -proof, good non -slip performance: PH corrosion capacity: In the range of pH 6 to pH 12.5, the surface of the zinc layer forms a stable protective film, which has good corrosion resistance.


Steel grating packaging, generally there are three packaging methods: packaging bands and binding, generally applicable to relatively neat steel grids; screw rods are fixed, 4 screw rods pass through the steel grid pore diameter, and the guarantee method of locking with screws; the tray for the tray; Guarantee that it is generally packed for export. It is mainly based on the customer's situation. If there are not many goods, it does not need to be loaded and unloaded with forklifts. Generally, bulk is more convenient. Conversely, there are more goods. Generally, the general packaging of forklift loading and unloading will be more convenient. In short, it is convenient for customers to protect product transportation for the convenience of customers.

1. Material:
Stainless steel, low carbon steel plate, galvanized PVC sheet, cold rolled coil, hot rolled plate, aluminum plate and so on.
2. Types:
Pattern punching net, forming punch net, special thickness punch net, special thin punch net, micro-hole punch net, line cutting perforation net. Laser perforation network and so on.
3. Hole pattern:
Rectangular hole, square hole, diamond hole, round hole, hexagonal hole, cross hole, triangle hole, slotted hole bore, long waist hole, the plum blossom, scales, borehole pattern, a pentagram, irregular, the drum hole, etc.

Product Specification

Product Name

Perforated metal mesh


Aluminum plate, Low Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel (304,304L ,316,316L), nickel plate and    various of    nonmetal plate

Hole Shape

Diamond, Round, Square, Hexagon, customized

Size for panel

1) Thickness:0.2-20mm
 2) Hole Size:0.5-200mm
 3) Length:1.5-3m
 4) Width:0.5-1.5m
 5) Perforated area percent: from 7% to 83%


Can be based on customer requirements

Metal Thickness


Hole Size

As customer requirement



Hole Type



Product Feature
1. Easy to process and shape.
2. Easy to install.
3. Can be painted or polished.
4. Attractive appearance.
5. Plates of various thicknesses.
6. Multiple choice of aperture and arrangement.
7. Good sound absorption effect.
8. Lighter weight.
9. Longer service life.
10. Exact size.

Product Application
It can be used in road, railway, factory, building, and various decorative boards.
And it is widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, cigarette machine, cutter, dry cleaners, ironing table, sound equipment, refrigeration equipment(central air conditioning), speakers, handicraft production, paper making, hydraulic accessories, filtration equipment and so on all walks of life.

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