Introduction of stainless steel zoo cable net

The stainless steel zoo cable net is a mesh made of stainless steel wire rope, which is very suitable for the zoo or construction industry.

When planning the construction of a zoo facility, it is very important to use strong and durable materials. This can effectively reduce maintenance costs. Stainless steel animal mesh woven wire mesh is a very good choice.

The stainless steel zoo cable net is a wire mesh with high tension. It is soft, flexible and flexible, which protects animals and prevents animals from escaping tourists. The use of stainless steel seine is a cost-effective solution for any facility in the zoo.

The stainless steel zoo cable net is made of 304/316 grade stainless steel wire rope. This provides a rugged material. Since there is no hard part on the outside, it can be designed to fit or shape any shape. The mesh can withstand the weight load of animals and harsh weather conditions.

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